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Manufacturer of a methanation solution: METAMOD®

ATMOSTAT designs and manufactures a methanation unit named METHAMOD® based on its very compact exchangers reactors technology.

Applications of methanation

Methanation is an industrial process used to produce synthetic methane through the catalytic conversion of dihydrogen (H2) and carbon dioxide (CO2). Methanation is the core of the power to gas process; Several applications are possible:
  • storage of excess renewable energy in the form of "green" methane;
  • recovery and recycling of CO2 emissions;
  • use of decarbonated methane for mobility ...

Innovative diffusion welding technology

The METHAMOD® reactor developpement is based on an assembly of reactive and cooling plates, achieved through innovative technology mastered by ATMOSTAT, diffusion welding assisted by Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP). These plates consist of an alternation of micro-channels filled with catalyst and of heat carrier fluid circulating channels, which have very high surface / volume ratio (several thousand m2 / m3).

Product Features

  • alternation of micro-channels plates ;
  • very high surface / volume ratio (several thousand m2 / m3 ;
  • catalysts in powder ;
  • totally modular design (parallel connection of unit modules to achieve the desired output rate) ;
  • compactness ;
  • availability ;
  • easy maintenance ;
  • flexibility.
METHAMOD ReactorMETHAMOD méthanation unit